Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Long Since Past: The Future

It has been far too long since I last wrote on here. Usually my entries are more on the creative side. However, this entry is going to be more of an unveiling of what my plans are and the direction I am going to take with Sonlitdark.

My original plan was (and ultimately still is) to create several Acquire The Fire like experiences that aim more at those that would never go to a Christian event and then take those experiences across the country. These events would be composed of elements from each corner of the media world. Here is a layout of what Sonlitdark will look like on paper.

  • The Thinkers
  • The Doers
  • The Storytellers
-Printed Media/Advertising


-Live Music/Production w/ Full Camera Crew
  • Writing (for Theatrics)
  • Sound Crew
  • Lighting Crew
  • Camera Crew
  • Acting Talent
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Props/ Set Design
  • Musical Talent: Two bands will be chosen to tour with each individual event.
-A/V Production
  • Writing (for the videos)
  • Sound Crew
  • Lighting Crew
  • Camera Crew
  • Acting Talent
  • Pyrotechnics/ Firearms
  • Props/ Set Design
  • Editing
  • 2D/3D Animation
Now, as you can see this is a lot of stuff to try and just throw together. Recently I realized that I haven't taken the time to figure out the steps I am going to take to get to my ultimate goal. So here is the plan:
  1. Due to the fact that I currently have to maintain a job and can't yet make Sonlitdark my full time focus, I have decided to start off the organization strictly as a low budget video production company that works exclusively for itself. The idea is to do shorts that are written, directed, and produced by the company for the company... or at least for it's cause. All of the "staff" will be volunteers so I wanted to give myself plenty of time for each project. So, I plan to start off doing seasonal projects: A summer project and a winter project for each year. That is step one.
  2. I want step one to continue on as Sonlitdark progresses. If things go as planned, the projects will have made an impression online and hopefully caught the eyes of those that would be willing to contribute financially to the organization. By the end of the second season of the Sonlitdark Project I hope to have established a professional studio fit for professional quality audio and video recording with editing equipment. That (the studio) is step two.
  3. Not too long after getting comfortable with the new studio I would like to start doing mini-events in a cooperative manner with local ministries. The events will be aimed at youth and not be held in churches. They will not be heavily evangelical until the final 10 minutes of each one. The events will tell fictional stories with heavy points and scenarios that connect everyday objects and happenings to the reality of what Christ did and to our eternal destinations. The idea is to ask questions with the events and leave people hungry for answers. That (the mini-events) is step three.
  4. Just like with the Sonlitdark Projects, I want the mini-events to still continue. Youth ministries could contact us to have us do an event specifically for there ministry. Now, this is the last step. The kicker that puts Sonlitdark in it's entirety on the map. For the final step in the maturing process of the organization, I want to do a full on Sonlitdark Event put on by the organization. The thing that would really make this a dream come true is if I could get the people that put on the Sonshine Music Fest to let me do it as an additional day at Sonshine. It is a stretch but hopefully by this time I will have a few connections. That is it.
So that is the plan. It took a lot for me to put this out for people to see. This is the metamorphosis of my dream and what I hope to be my future. Anyone interested in getting involved with the Sonlitdark Project, please contact me at:


Monday, August 31, 2009

Head Cocked Teeth Gritting

A dark silhouette of a man in a suit lead on by a long sleek shadow slowly makes its way down the dim lit street. Shoulders slanted and shoes shining in the night. Each step taken on a second like clockwork. The sound of his feet in the quiet of the night would bring most to the door of madness. A madman himself, he finds beauty in the sinister and salvation in damnation. "Way too serious to be taken serious.", they used to say. Now irony has his story turned inside and around. Nothing is serious anymore.

Looks like the joke's on you.

Monday, July 13, 2009

For too long cast aside
Stripped of dignity and opportunity
Countless sleepless days in underestimation
But under these anxious darkening Heavens
No word goes unheard
And no deed is without compensation
When the workers come to collect their wages

Now the straw men are swaying in the distance
The have-nots calling in the listless wind
Whispering for retribution
Waiting for some voice to call them
From the bottom where you left them
So onward friends from our battered homes
Forward to the onrush of cast stones, crushed bones
And the gallows

-Andrew Schwab

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Necktie Narcissist

Man in black take the stage. Hold your breath. This is going to be a good one. Adjust your tie and stand up straight. Make sure that everyone is watching. Walk away slowly, locking eyes with every soul you pass. Let them know it is coming.

And then the reader catches up with the writer. Red, yellow and black fill the air leaving the intersection in chaos. A calm grin and suave stride make their way down the concrete tide as the sirens blare down town. Narcissism in a necktie and dress pants leaves it’s mark once more.

Left at the scene, two hundred twenty six marbles. Who knows… not me.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Behold The Story

Stories have the ability to change people. The way that they think about and view things. My goal is to change people using stories. To grab hold of the hands of peoples life-clocks and bring their ticking to a stop. And in that moment were I have them, I hope to use my storytime to take the focus off of the dot and let them see the rest of the clean canvas before letting go of lifes busy hands and watching walls collapse and chains brake loose in reverence to what has unfolded.